Singapore Photo Diary 2017


Get ready for a hefty post because today I am sharing with you photos from my trip to Singapore (Japan pics coming soon)! If you follow my Instagram, some of these may be familiar to you but hey ho, reminiscing is a good thing right?

Since my photo diaries might be a little mumbo jumbo, I will be condensing them into “Must See & Do’s” in the next few weeks to help those of you planning to travel to Singapore and Japan.

Let’s dive right in!      

1st Aug

  •           Lunch at Steambox – it’s like hotpot but on a metal plate instead.  It was so cool to mix our own sauces too! See this link for details.
  •           Hainanese chicken rice dinner (it was too nice that I gobbled it all up before long it was too late to take a pic! ^^)

Steambox - Serangoon Gardens

Here you can see the huge variety of sauces and ingredients such as spring onions to make your own condiments!

2nd Aug

  •           Botanic Gardens - exploring this in the heat was crazy but well worth the visit to see all the different varieties of plants they have!
  •          Chilli crab lunch
  •          Shopping at Bedok Mall
Flowers at the Botanic Gardens

3rd Aug

  •           Kampong Glam – the area is so hip and cool, the mosque is beautiful and the streets surrounding it are super colourful! Definitely recommend going here.
  •         National Gallery of Singapore, Yayoi Kusama exhibition – I missed it when it was in London so I feel really lucky to have been able to see it!

The colourful streets of Kampong Glam

Yayoi Kusama's exhibition at the National Gallery

4th Aug
  •           Treetop walk in the rainforest - we saw monkeys! 
  •          Buffet lunch (made our own waffles)

5th Aug

  • Lunch at Raffles City – Kopi Tiam (ngl the food was nice but kind of expensive)
  • Buffet dinner with the fam
Ice Katching!

6th Aug

  • Lunch at Raffles City (again) – Hoshino Coffee
  • Light show at Gardens by the Bay – National Day Parade songs are so patriotic lol.
Gardens by the Bay

It was lovely to go back to Singapore and see friends and family again - after a week, we flew to Japan so photos from then will be up next Saturday!

I'm gonna leave you with a pic of a beautiful sunset we saw --


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