Monday Musings #17

“ we are all searching of belonging, of assurance, of our true identity and purpose of our life. It’s another thing to be alive and not know why, I believe the most dangerous person is the person who lives without a reason  

Some of the biggest questions in life include: Why am I alive? What is my purpose in this world? - if you are asking yourself one of these questions read on:

Sometimes it's okay to be a bit disorientated and not have everything planned.

After all, you have to be lost before you are found. 

Especially in a world that's so consumption-orientated and materialistic, it is so so easy to fall into a monotonous routine without really knowing why you're doing what you're doing. I am definitely not a stranger to this feeling and when I do feel this way, my motivation just hits rock bottom. 

I've realised that in order to keep going I need to know what I am working towards - although you may not get to the end goal because of changing circumstances and yourself changing your ambitions, it is important to know why you're starting in the first place. 

So ask yourself: What are your passions? What do you want to be remembered for? Why do you get out of bed every morning?

Sneak peak of an exciting future post! Thought this photo complements the vibe of this post's message.

As an example, I love music, being creative and I also love giving people advice hence why, according to my friends, I am quite the mum of the group (that being said, hit me up if you ever need a listening ear!). 

For a while this wasn't enough to fully explain my existence and especially as a young person, feeling pressured to know what you want to do in the future get overwhelming. I've learnt to embrace changes along the way. 

Just a year ago, I wanted to do an Art degree but now I've decided that I want to study Sociology as society and reasons why society is the way it is fascinates me. It has forced me to re-evaluate the world around me. For this reason, if all goes to plan, I would love to teach abroad after completing my degree. I just can't miss the opportunity to be able to impact someone else's life!

Hopefully, after examining your passions and your strengths, you will also be able to begin to figure out your path in life be it sports, travelling, medical or anything else.

Much love,


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