Japan Photo Diary 2017


Here’s part 2 of photos of my holiday this summer as promised (see PART 1 here). The second week was spent in Japan; this was my third time there and every visit just increases my love for the country by so much! If you haven’t been, you should because the whole country is so big, diverse and beautiful in its own way.

Now let’s get started on the pics:

8th Aug

  • First day, didn’t really do much apart from having a little look around the area
  • Checked into Hotel Musashiya in Moto-Hakone 
  • Had lunch at this really cute cafĂ© which I swear was run single-handedly by one woman – props to her!
  • After dinner  served in our room we went to the in-hotel onsen – hot spring (more info in a post coming soon)
 Beautiful views of Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji in the clouds

 Traditional Japanese dinner

9th Aug
  • Breakfast (with multiple ‘courses’)
  • Took a pirate ship to the point where we took the cable car to the top of the mountain where the volcano, Mount Hakone, was; it was so cool to see the fumes coming out of the craters (but not so cool to smell the eggy sulphur)
  • Hakone Open Air Museum which was UHMAZING, can’t say enough good things about it!
  • Hot spring (yet again)

Pirate ship (port just a few mins walk from the hotel)
 Cool sculptures!

10th Aug

  • Hot spring in the morning before breakfast – there was no one there so I could take a few pics for y’all!
  • Travelled from Hakone to Tokyo
  • Checked into the Nishitetsu Inn in Shinjuku – extremely convenient location and good service
  • Dinner at Ootoya in Shinjuku
Stunning views from the hotel's onsen (hot spring)

Last minute visit of Hakone Checkpoint - lots of interesting history behind this place

11th Aug

12th Aug

  • Asakusa – lots of kitchen and homeware shops, fake food!
  • Lunch at Ito Kacho (offeres Wagyu beef among many other mouth-watering varieties) 
  • Dinner at Sushi-Go-Round in Shinjuku
  • More shopping!
Heaven for people who love kitchen utensils and the like

 Outside Japanese restaurants, there is often a vast display of fake food, shops like the one above supply restaurants with the (fake) food they need to entice customers in!
 Rickshaw guys in Asakusa 
 Wagyu beef 
 Sushi-Go-Round (Shinjuku)
A rare spot not teeming with tourists off the main street of Asakusa
13th Aug

  • Church at Tokyo Baptist Church
  • Lunch at Marugame Seimen udon restaurant in Shibuya
  • Shopping at Harajuku (soo many people, not great if you’re claustrophobic but gets better if you’re not on the main shopping street)
  • Dinner at Teke Teke, Shinjuku – uses tablets to order which is really cool, made us pay for bitter lettuce that cost £5-7 (which apparently all customers get "on the house"), yakitori chicken was very good, probably would not recommend purely because of the lettuce situation
Teke Teke :/

Bic Camera store
Line Friends store in Harajuku

14th Aug
Stunning view from the observation deck- we were unlucky with the misty weather but was still well worth the visit!

I will be posting a "Must see + do" for Singapore soon so stay tuned for that!


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