8 MUST SEE + DO : Singapore guide

As promised here’s a guide to 8 THINGS you must see and do in Singapore!

1. Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens is located really close to Orchard Road and is the perfect escape from the constant view of high-rise buildings. It would be so easy to spend an entire day here but because of the sweltering heat I would advise starting your day early so that you don’t get too hot too quickly. 

My favourite part of the Gardens was the Bonsai Garden, they also had chair swings where you can grab a rest when your feet start to hurt.

2. Kampong Glam and Bras Basah Bugis

This area is by far my favourite place in Singapore. Despite it seeming quite touristy when I looked it up on, I was pleasantly surprised to find the streets pretty empty. Perhaps this was because we got there at around 10 o’clock. Just by walking around we found dozens of cute, colourful streets and then the impressive Masjid Sultan Mosque.

Bras Basah is the arts and culture district of Singapore with lots of museums and monuments. It is also home to several places of worship such as the Taoist Temple and the Hindu Sri Krishnan Temple. Lots of shops to explore here!

3. National Gallery of Singapore

This gallery is definitely a must-see. They have various exhibitions on at different times of the year so check their website to get the latest updates. Depending on your budget, the entry price may be a little steep but it is well worth the money if you spend a good few hours admiring the beautiful 
works of art on show – which is not difficult to do at all!

When I visited, Yayoi Kusama's exhibition was showing and I feel really fortunate to have gone because I'd missed it when it was in London!

4. Treetop walk

The Treetop Walk is located in MacRitchie National Park and is one of the highlights of the nature trail. It isn’t a particularly difficult hike but when I went, the signs were a little confusing – I know they were adding a new route so maybe that was why but be careful and follow the signs carefully.

OH! There are monkeys too! They can be boisterous especially when there’s food around so you’d be smart to put any loose items that aren’t firmly strapped to you (hats / sunglasses etc) in your bag – you don’t want a monkey running off with your prized camera in the middle of a rainforest!

5. Gardens by the Bay

This garden has become iconic-ly Singaporean and it is so easy to see why! Tall structures that resemble trees and have beautiful foliage around them stand proudly in Marina Bay. I highly recommend going to see the Garden Rhapsody Light Show which is held daily at 19.45 and at 20.45 at the Supertree Grove for a beautiful night display (also lovely because the weather is cooler at night!).

6. Sentosa

Always a favourite with tourists, locals and families alike – there are a million and one things to do at Sentosa! From Adventure Cove Waterpark to Universal Studios to the famous Merlion, there are lots to keep you and yours entertained for a full day (or more) or fun.

Have a look here and here for some Sentosa inspiration and to add some things to your Singapore bucket-list.

7. Steambox

If you're a an absolute foodie like me, Steambox is a unique place to have a meal in Serangoon Gardens. It's sort of mid-way between steamboat and korean bbq. The raw food is put onto a metal plate which is wedge above cooking congee and the steam from that cooks the food ready for you to eat! They also helpfully colour code the plates so you know exactly how long to cook each dish for.

Another really cool thing they have is that you can mix your own sauces from the ingredients available (soy sauce, spring onion etc) as shown below.

8. Hawker Stalls

What's a trip to Singapore without eating at the Hawker stalls?!

These street-side eateries are a perfect place to grab some food to fill you up for the day. I particularly recommend trying out any Hainanese Chicken Rice available it's so good trust me.

I hope that this guide was useful to you for when you visit Singapore. By no means is this a fully comprehensive guide but these are the top places I would recommend that I've been to. 

Singapore will always have a special place in my heart and I hope you fall in love with the country too!




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