Peggy Porschen - what's the hype?

Peggy Porschen Cupcakes, the ultimate Instagram hotspot in London and arguably the most recognisable pink facade in the world.

I visited Peggy's with Elsa back in December last year and I thought that it's about time I shared my thoughts about it with you!


If you have never heard of Peggy Porchen (where have you been? Just joking;)), it's a bakery selling fancy cupcakes, other baked delights and warm drinks. It's situated in Belgravia within easy walking distance of Victoria and Sloan Square tube stations.

They change up the decorations according to the seasons / occasions and being in wintertime, the decor was snowy, winter wonderland themed. Check out their Instagram page to see how it's changed over time.

Of course, with any IG destination, there was a queue to take the perfect shot outside - although not as busy as it could've been because we got there at around 9.30am (opening hours 8am-8pm everyday) so we took a few mandatory pictures before heading inside.

 the exterior:

One thing that did surprise me is that it is quite a small cafe, meaning that there are not a huge number tables so small parties of 2-4 are best accommodated.

The pricing is standard considering the neighbourhood and it's popularity. I had a Spiced Apple tea for £3.50 and Elsa had a Hot Chocolate for £4.75, though I have to say that the portions are pretty huge - the cup is almost like a soup bowl ! (see photo below).

View the menu here.

Keep scrolling to see more photos and my tips for going!

the interior:

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Here are my tips should you decide to visit
  • get there early and expect to wait a little bit as other visitors take their snaps before you do
  • make sure you go inside and make a purchase (not just take photos outside then leave!)
  • do take lots of photos as, after all, it is a very pretty cafe
  • visit their website to learn more!


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