Monday Musings #16

Most of us are afraid of being alone.

Maybe afraid isn't the right word but we would rather be with other people if we had the choice.

We are so used to using 'alone' and 'lonely' as synonyms and I only recently thought that perhaps there's a difference.

I'm not really sure where this comes from but there seems to be a negative connotation with doing things by ourselves. The idea of going to the cinema or a meal by yourself is, more often than not, met with surprise or shock.

Perhaps we don't like to be seen 'without friends' or that doing things by yourself is frowned upon socially. It's baffling how we love to be seen as independent as a society, but individually we crave company, and yet being alone is not appealing.

Here's the dictionary definition of 'alone' and 'lonely':

Alone: by yourself
Lonely: sad because one has no friends or company

Even the dictionary says there's a difference! 'Lonely' is the feeling of being left out and sad and 'alone' is simply the state of being by oneself.

We interpret it as being alone, whereas, in fact, we are afraid of being lonely.

"A place of solitude is a good place"

This quote (above) resonates so much with me because we're always rushing around doing one thing and the next and so often only realising we need time to ourselves when it's too late and we're already exhausted.

I know that for myself, I can get so much more done when I'm by myself (thinking about shopping as an example). Sure, being with friends is more fun but when you're on a mission being alone is usually more productive.

Maybe if we choose to step away and embrace our alone-ness then we would feel more refreshed and invigorated? If we go on that solo trip to the restaurant we can get over that sense of feeling stupid in a room full of people with their friends?

Then maybe we'll be empowered and don't need to rely on other people do get things done anymore.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave them in the comments below:)

Take care always,


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