5 Best Books to read on Long Journeys

For those of us who love to read, long journeys are the best time to whip out a book and lose ourselves in it for a good few hours. For my plane journeys this summer I will definitely be bringing a book or two to keep me company once I run out of movies to watch.

So here are a few of my book recommendations that will keep you occupied for whatever travelling you’re going to be doing:

  • Thinking Fast Thinking Slow, Daniel Kahneman – I’m currently reading this and, without a doubt, I can say that it will make your brain hurt (in a good way). An amazing read if you want to discover how your mind actually works.
  • The Great Divide, Joseph E. Stiglitz  – Initially, I started reading this for an economics essay but I quickly was drawn to the way the author shows the plain facts of inequality and how the 1% at the top keeps getting richer whilst the rest of us are worse off in real terms.
  • In Order to Live, Yeonmi Park – This is an autobiography of how the author escaped the regime in North Korea. It is gripping how she shares her sufferings and joys to bring awareness of things happening in her country.
  • The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins – You must read this if you haven’t already! This psychological thriller is bound to have you on the edge of your seat, it will have you absorbed for hours on end until you forget how much time has passed.
  • The Three, Sarah Lotz –  another thriller (you might be able to guess my favourite genre by now), this is about how three different children are affected by plane crashed around the world. If you’re on a plane journey, reading this might be a little unnerving but otherwise it is an absolute page-turner!

What are your favourite books? I’d love to know :)


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