Monday Musings #11

Right now is a time of choices for me - uni, course, exams and more. Therefore this quote spoke to me as I try to tell myself to strive for more and aim higher. Although this doesn't always work, I invite you to join me in changing my mindset to reflect where I want to be in 10, 20 years.

If you wanted to succeed, would you not take more risks knowing the rewards are greater?
If you wanted to get to know someone, would you not take the effort to spend time with them?

They say actions speak louder than words and the message you portray with your actions give others the impression of what's going on in your head, your heart.

Now these don't have to be big choices or decisions - even small baby steps that accumulate into your final goal are immensely valuable.

Your choices shouldn't reflect your fears because that's how they are turned into reality.

[[Thoughts -> actions -> habits -> destiny]]

Every action should always have some sort of thought in it; that's not to say don't be spontaneous (will probably talk about that in another Monday Musings) but the action should help you along to your destination or it has no purpose.


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