Visiting Southampton + uni open day

Finally done with all my open days! It’s been so fun to explore different universities and their respective cities and to dream of the future. My last open day was to Southampton so I’ll be sharing that with you today.

This is the only one that I went to on my own; it was a fun yet weird experience as most people are either with their parents or friends so I had to pretend to look like I knew what I was doing half the time. My day started with an 8 o’clock train ride down to Southampton Airport Parkway station where I waited along with other people for the Unilink bus to take us to the campus (the drive was only 20mins).

Train journey to the uni

When we arrived, I found my way to the lecture theatre with the help of the student ambassadors. The Sociology and Social Policy talk was really engaging and all three subjects (Sociology, Anthropology and Social Policy) were represented well.

After speaking to someone on the stand I made my way to the accommodation which was a 15 min walk from the campus. The area that the accommodation is in is absolutely huge! Loads of us got really confused, glad I wasn't the only one haha! The quality of the rooms available is great with a really good range of prices with even the cheaper rooms being pretty nice!

Soon all the walking around got my feet aching so I sat down at Pret (really cheap surprisingly) for a quick lunch. After that, I hopped onto a Unilink bus into the city centre to go to the Southampton City Art Gallery which houses sooo much amazing art - it is definitely worth seeing!

 Culture at the Southampton City Art Gallery

Cute independent store at Marlands shopping centre

I then had a walk round Marlands shopping centre before heading to a Starbucks to sit down with a cold frappe. It was simply wayy too hot and sunny to continue walking around so not seeing much of the city is really the only thing I regret from the day.

Overall all my visits to universities have been amazing and I can’t wait to see where I end up!


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