5 THINGS to do on a rainy day

Living in England, we are no strangers to rainy days and as I’m writing this, it has been raining these past few days here so what better thing to do than to think of things that could keep us occupied in this miserable weather?

Thinking of ideas for this post reminded me of my primary school days when we had ‘wet play’. Each classroom had a box full toys that were suitable for indoor play when it was too wet and rainy outside.
So here’s my version of ‘wet play’:
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Go for ‘high tea’ – the perfect place for a long catch up with friends whilst it pours down
  • Put together a small team and try out an escape room for a wild afternoon of fun
  • Go to one of London’s many markets some of which are indoors or covered
  • Go gallery-hopping – here are some of my favourites // Newport Street gallery // Tate Modern // Saatchi // Marian Goodman //

Hope you could find some inspiration for the next time you wake up to a rainy day!


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