Visiting Manchester + Uni open day

Last weekend I was in Manchester for the University of Manchester’s open day. It was so lovely to go around the city and experience it all again. I used to go up quite often because my grandparents used to live there. It was nice to find that not much had changed in terms of the atmosphere and the people.

After a 4 hour-ish drive Phoebe and I started the day at the Sociology talk. The guy talking was really engaging and really sold the place and subject (even if I am biased haha).

Then we met with her mum and grabbed a quite bite for lunch before going to the Philosophy talk. It was really interesting but not sure I could study it because that session already had my head spinning!

The queue for the accommodation was superrrr long so we decided to skip on that, which I regret slightly but oh well.

We then met with Phoebe’s friends who kindly showed us around the city. Here are some photos of what we got up to.

All in all, I could definitely see myself studying in Manchester and feeling at home. I could certainly recommend a visit if you haven’t been already!


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