Monday Musings #8

As someone who wants to study sociology, the reaction to when I tell people that is either "Really? Interesting..." or "Why? What is sociology?" I usually have to give them a brief rundown of what sociology is or even defend myself. It is the latter reaction that made me realise that I can't please everyone.

To be honest, I don't even want to please anyone but it gets to me as I always have to defend my choice purely because it is not conventional. I'm sure those of you who are pursuing "different" careers / choices can relate when people question your decisions.

My blood just boils when people assume certain stereotypes and using sociology as an example: people always think that I'm an aspiring social worker (nothing bad with wanting to be one).

Sometimes it's easy to get frustrated at people who don't understand your thought process but you have to try to assure them that you're not just going for a particular subject / course /path because you don't know what you're doing with your life.

Of course, people will understand at varying degrees but the most important thing is that you are sure of yourself and your choices. Though there will always be people who question you, stand firm in yourself.

It's all about your mentality and as long as you know that is what you want to do, nothing can change that.

Thoughts become words
Words become behaviour
Behaviour becomes habits
Habits becomes character
And character become your destiny

Sorry about the mini rant at the beginning but hope you could get a positive message from this!

Love always,


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