Tombo - Japanese Cafe and Matcha bar

If there’s one place in London for matcha-lovers, it’s Tombo Japanese Café and Matcha Bar. It offers everything matcha that you could think of (in my opinion it’s a little bit too matcha – see what I did there?). 

They also serve other Japanese dishes so check out the menu here.

The branch that I went to is just around the corner from South Kensington tube station which is super convenient (they have branches in Soho and a newly opened one in Fitzrovia). The staff are also pretty friendly. 

The day that my friend, Elsa, and I went, they were experiencing a ‘slight power cut’ so were unfortunately unable to serve anything that had katsu in it or any ice cream, which was a bit of a disappointment but hey ho.

We ordered a Matcha Tart and a Matcha Marble Cheesecake – both of which were really nice. I’m not someone who is a huge fan of green tea so the cheesecake had just the right balance of flavours.

Although it is a little on the pricey side, it is definitely a cute little place to chill if you happen to be in that part of London.


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