Spicy Grill, Golders Green

I thought that it’s about time that I give y’all a review on Spicy Grill – it’s a Korean restaurant in Golders Green which is best known for their Korean BBQ’s.

I absolutely love going for dinners but I recently ate lunch there so I felt I have a (vaguely) good idea of the place all-round.

First off, the spicy fried chicken has peanut crumbs are sprinkled on top so bear that in mind if you have an allergy as this is not stated on the menu (which you can check out HERE). //If you are allergic, you can just request to have it without the peanuts//  Other than that it is absolutely delicious and gives off a nice heat in your mouth.

 Clockwise from top LH corner - beef bimbimbap, pork bulgogi, spicy hotpot

 Spicy fried chicken (with peanuts, request it without if you are allergic)

At dinner, we usually go for the BBQ option with the pork, chicken and beef. It comes with baskets of lettuce leaves in which you can put in rice and the meat or just eat on its own! They also give complimentary starters of kimchi.

Overall it is an amazing place to have dinner with friends in a vibrant atmosphere and good customer service. However be sure to book as it is very popular and wear an old shirt because you may well come out smelling like BBQ!


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