6 THINGS to do on a flight

This summer, chances are that you’re jetting off to some far off land to enjoy your summer holidays and if you’re anything like me, long flight can get very boring very easily. So I’ve come up with some things for you to do on your next long haul flight other than binge watching every movie available.
  • Bring a gripping book to read– having something that commands your attention for a long period of time can help you while your time away - I have a post on the best books to read on long journeys so check that out for ideas
  • Strike up a conversation with the person next to you if you don’t know them.
  • Bring a board game – of course I meant a mini one! There are quite a few places that stock magnetic chess and the like
  • Get up and walk up and down the aisle when your legs feel cramped – it’s important to maintain good circulation in your body when you’re in a small space for a long time
  • Bring a face mask to do – sheet masks like these are the best for this and true, you might look a little scary, but put it on when people are asleep and your skin will feel moisturised and revitalised for when you land
  • If in doubt, sleep! – when your eyes start to droop, drop everything you’re doing (yes, even that amazing movie you’re watching) and relax. Don’t overtire yourself before the flight but don’t force yourself to stay awake either.
This summer I'll be doing some travelling so I will definitely be doing these things - look out for my travel posts here and on my Instagram!

Wishing you a wonderful summer break!


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