Visiting York + Uni open day

Uni open day no. 4 was ticked off the list with a visit to York on Saturday.

After a long drive up, we had a little explore of the city centre. Our car was parked in Morrison’s which has 3 hours free parking which is soo handy.

The Shambles is a cute area of the city with narrow alleyways and old looking houses. There are plenty of shops to tempt you including a sweet shop with toffee being made right in front of you!

We then had a look at the York Minster cathedral which looked absolutely stunning in the good weather and reminded me a lot of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

We walked along the city walls which only took 20 mins to walk one half so it wasn’t too tiring.

Got to the hotel and I had a meatball calzone that was really nice, check out The Wishing Well hotel, I’d recommend it for a trip to York as it’s about 25 mins drive from the city and the restaurant is pretty good too.

On Sunday we drove into Campus West in the University of York. The Sociology course there is pretty much the same as most places tbh. 

The guy went on about being 1st for research in 2014 blah blah blah. Had a look at accommodation and Derwent College accommodation is pretty old and a little bit dingy imo but it’s an okay price (£128/week) for standard shared bathroom self-catered.

Oh! One thing I do love about the uni is the massive lake smack bang in the middle of the campus. Coz it was such a good day loads of people had lunch sat in front of the lake on the grass and on the steps which seems really cute to do even on a regular day at uni.

Ngl I wasn’t completely feeling York like I was with some others but it’s a lovely city nonetheless and at least I got to actually experience the place for myself so it wasn’t a wasted weekend :)

Hope you’re having a great day wherever you are!


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