Visiting Bath + uni open day

2 open days down, 3 more to go!

You know what, I’m really enjoying going to open days. It’s a chance to really get a feel for the unis and the cities / towns near them.

Last Friday, I took the train down from Paddington to Bath Spa to meet my friend. With a couple minutes to spare, I finally found the room in which the sociology talk was taking place. The course seems really interesting and there is an opportunity to take a placement year which would look super impressive on your CV.

After, we went to the Sports Training Village for the information stands and the girls on the sociology stand were really helpful coz I bombarded them with questions haha!

We then took a tour of the accommodation and I must say, they are all pretty modern and spacious – even the shared ones. We had lunch at the Limetree refectory which is really big; another thing I really liked about the university is The Edge which is a centre for the Arts.

Then we took a bus down to the city centre and walked around the high street. It’s quite unique in that the shops are not in a large building but spread around in the old buildings which is quite cute. We saw the Abbey and the Roman Baths building.

 Umbrellas on the high street!
 Bath Abbey

After a walk down the river we bought a Traditional Lemonade and sat down for a bit before we parted ways. I visited the Victoria Gallery  which is tucked in next to Pulteney Bridge. The collection of artworks was simply stunning along with the beautiful building itself.

 Victoria Gallery 
I walked so far that my feet began to ache soon after but a few spots that are well worth the pain are: The Circus, The Royal Crescent and the Georgian Gardens. Before heading off to the station I bought an iced latte from Mokoko Coffee  and shoutout to the lady who worked there for being so friendly and giving me such a good impression of Bath.

 The Circus
 Iced latte from Mokoko

All in all, I really loved Bath and I would be very happy to go there if I get the grades ^_^


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