Monday Musings #3

Morning / Afternoon / Evening!

Once in a while I do this thing when I evaluate what's been going on in my life :
▪ 5 things I'm grateful for
▪ 5 things I'm looking forward to

I find that it just helps me pause and reflect on events instead of rushing around like a headless chicken.

There are so many reasons why we could hang our heads and be sad but you can't live like that.

So here's why I choose joy today:

1. A roof over my head
2. Family
3. Friends
4. A future ahead of me
5. Dreams I can chase
6. A big wide world I can see

This is just the start because everyday there is more and more I can add to the list but that would take forever so I hope you can write down things that you're grateful for and find reasons to be happy today and everyday.

Take care x


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