Monday Musings #2

I was thinking of which quote to talk about today and with the help of a friend, in the light of what happened in London on Saturday night, I decided that this quote seemed the most relevant.

"Live every moment, 
Laugh every day,
Love beyond words"

This just really reminds me that we must make the most of every moment and take what opportunities we can as life is so short. Incidents like the one in London and Manchester just reminded me of the fragility of life: one moment you are enjoying yourself and the next you could be gone. 

//edit, later on in the day: some terrible things have happened today in the local area and affecting people around me. It really hit home how real it all is and how I must never take any moment, any gesture, any word for granted for you many never know when you might receive one next; it is so sad that some people must live like this, I just hope one day the world will know true peace and love for all♡//

The only thing we can be certain of in life is death- which, I admit, sounds scary but if we look at the things that we could be doing to make the most of it, there is actually a lot we can accomplish in a short time.

To live every moment~ absorb everything going on around you, put your phone down at dinners to fully immerse yourself in talking and catching up with friends or family, be in awe of everything you see.

To laugh every day~ find reasons to be happy, see the light in situations which may seem so dark, turn despair into hope.

To love beyond words~ they say actions speak louder than words, and this world needs much compassion and love so start by being kind to everyone, even if you don't see reason to.

The photo behind the quote was taken in Brighton when I did the Colour Run in 2016. I thought it encompasses the quote perfectly as it was such a joyful time and everyone around me was having lots of fun. 

We have to keep life colourful even when it all seems to be in black and white. I sometimes struggle with this but every time I'm in a rut I remember that there's light on the other side when I'm willing to pull myself back up. 

So just keep smiling and you'll find that life smiles back at you!

Ps. I am creating an "act of kindness challenge" or something similar so I'm excited to share it with you soon- hugs :)


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