Visiting Exeter + Uni open day

Heyo, bonus post today! ;)

This past Saturday, my friend and I went to visit the University of Exeter for their open day. We met at Paddington and took the GWR down to Exeter St. David’s. We then followed the hoards of people clearly heading for the uni as well.

On the train with breakfast at 7.06 am

I must say the campus is really pretty, has lots of greenery and is quite well self-contained. One thing is, although they did warn about the hilly campus, I did not quite prepare myself for the sight of 45o paths haha.

The Sociology degree seems really interesting and very flexible which is nice. They also offer transfer onto the study abroad programme which is really good for people who want to start on the straight course. We had a look at the accommodation and it seems pretty decent so thumbs up in regards to that.

 Cool architecture of the new Forum building
 View from the Forum steps as visitors and students alike buy and enjoy lunch
Mac n Cheese for me!

I’ll definitely put Exeter down as one of my choices but I’m still not sure whether to go for the BA or Bsc course so if you know the difference, please explain and help a girl out :)

By the time we were leaving the campus it was drizzling already but we decided to soldier on and walk to the City. It was about a 20 min walk which isn’t too bad but paired with rollin’ hills and slippery pavements it proved almost treacherous in some places (a bit of an exaggeration but if you’ve been, you’ll know).

 Slightly sad-looking but still cute quayside
Loads of really cute vintage-y stores along the quay

We continued down towards the quayside, which with the gloomy weather looked a bit sad, but I’m sure is very nice in the sun. The high street seemed really cute and quaint but unfortunately we didn’t look round the whole place and settled down in Pizza Express for a bite before jumping onto the train back to London.

Polenta chips and Calamari rings
Sitting on a rather wet bench...

Hope you enjoyed this lengthy post about Exeter coz I will probably be sharing about my visits to other unis and the surrounding town  / city (Manchester, York and more!).

Thanks as always for stopping by!


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