OOTD + Outfit for Day Out

Hey all!

In half term (which was wayy too short), I went out quite a bit in the first few days AND I went to the University of Exeter (I've got a lil’ post about that here coz it was quite nice!).

So for a warm-ish day where I’m going to be walking around, I like to wear a pair of my skinny jeans just in case it gets a little windy and they fit really nice and snug so my legs don’t really get all too hot either.
Layering is something I’ve been doing a lot more of recently, especially with this awkward in-between-spring-and-summer weather because if you know British weather you’ll know that it can go from sunny to pouring buckets (of rain) in an instant – as it has been today.

Examples of items like the ones I wore, mine are quite basic but you can easily wear more fun and colourful items!

For this particular day, I chose my graphic superman tee which I love because it looks distressed and vintage-y although I’m pretty sure it’s just the colour wearing off  in the wash haha.

I then chose my ‘W’ symbol sweatshirt from Forever 21 in America when I went back in October, it was a crazy good deal and it is amazing for throwing on top of outfits just to add a bit of warmth which is why I wear it so much. When it gets a little hotter I just take it off and tie it around my waist for a bit of effortless style.

To finish it all off I wore my absolute favourite pair of boots from Clarks that are perfect for walking and also look a bit more styled and put together then chucking on a pair of trainers (although with certain outfits trainers look just as good – or even better ^_^).

At the end of the day, whatever your style and preference is, wear it confidently and it will definitely work for you.

Don’t forget to wear a smile too! xo


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