Monday Musings #30

Last Sunday I woke up to the world blanketed in a layer of thick snow and snow floating down from the heavens. 

Wow I'm making it sound really dramatic but in London we haven't seen thick (ok, not that thick but still) in what feels like forever! Even when the weather forecast was saying it'd snow we were only really expecting light snow that would melt away within a day but this just surpassed all expectations!

We tried to drive out but the car just wouldn't make it past 3 roads so we decided to turn back and stay cozy at home.  

Every time it snows I just feel like a kid again and my first priority is to pull on my ski gear and make a snowman outside. So here is my snowman; everyone say hi to Bob:

Before long, my fingers had frozen again I had to retreat inside to enjoy a cup of my favourite hot chocolate (link for those interested).

Ester (see previous photoshoots) then suggested we meet for a snow photoshoot and whilst I was slightly apprehensive because of the cold, jumped at the chance and we had loads of fun getting covered in snowflakes trying to get that perfect shot.

Enjoy the photos! 

* all photos edited in Adobe Lightroom*



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