2017 Year in Review

December is nearly over and the New Year is almost upon us, let me take you on a lightning tour of 2017. 
Feel free to use these questions to reflect on the past year. 
Without further ado, let's begin...

1. Where were you this time last year?
 Although at the end of 2016 I was very excited for the New Year I had few (if any) concrete goals. I’ve never really believed in New Year resolutions but this meant that I went into 2017 without a clear plan and like I’ve mentioned previously, planning makes my world go round. Ok enough cringing but in all seriousness I did feel a bit confused as to what I was aiming for. 
In the months leading up to the end of the year, I went a bit crazy with university research (which i spoke about here) and basically spent all my spare time with 100 tabs open on my laptop looking at courses. At that time, I was fixated on doing an Art Foundation course at CSM or the like. Little did I know that a mere few weeks into my Sociology A level would have me utterly hooked! I then looked further into Sociology degrees and though in the beginning of 2017 I was still a bit confused, now I can safely say that my interests lie firmly within that field.

2. Where are you now? 
Now I am at a place where I know what my goals are. My path has been made clear and I am so ready to just set off along it. However, this is where my self-control and discipline has to kick in because I have a tendency to live with my brain in the future as you will know if you’ve been reading my #MondayMusings. I have learnt that in order to get to where I want to be in the future, I must work NOW. And not later but RIGHT NOW. This year I have also learnt so much about myself and feel like I have discovered and am confident in who I am at the moment (of course I will always be learning and learning constantly as well). Honestly comparing me last year and me now would be like looking at completely different people but I think that’s the beauty and joy of developing as a person.

3. Describe this year in 3 words? 
Whirlwind, growth, grounding

4. What are you grateful for? 
This year I solidified my friendships and came to the realisation of how important they are to me now and for the future – if you’re reading this, I am grateful for all the memories created and shared together <3 Many things happened this year that have definitely shaped me and my outlook on life so if anything, I’m just grateful that I had those experiences and opportunities to grow.

5. What brought you the most joy for 2017? 
I had so much fun on my trips to Singapore and Japan that I know that travel has to be a major part of my life in the future.
// view of Mt. Fuji from Lake Ashi, Japan//
/ Kampong Glam district, Singapore //

6. Goals you accomplished? 
I accomplished my goal of posting consistently on this blog – mostly coming from my Monday series but I plan to make some changes in the New Year so look out for those soon. As I mentioned in the first answer, since I didn’t have many goals coming into 2017, I don’t have too much to write in that respect. Despite this, I did make my first major purchase with the income from my part-time job which was my DSLR camera; I’d wanted an upgrade for forever so to finally purchase it with my own money was a dream come true!

7. Goals you did not accomplish? 
This year I found myself without time to read which was annoying as I had so many good books lined up :(

8. What new habits have you acquired? 
Taking more risks and being more spontaneous. I have loosened up so much and though it is still a work in progress, I am proud to say that I have taken on an exciting project that came from a spur-of-the-moment idea one day (read about my collaboration here). As well as that, I recently dived into the world of bullet journaling and so far I am enjoying it loads as it is another way for me to plan (yes I know it sounds like I’m contradicting what I just said about being spontaneous but trust me on this one) and be creative. I’m looking forward to starting afresh with a new notebook and keeping it up throughout the year!

// my 2018 bullet journal is all set up! //
// another previous weekly spread //

9. What old habits do you want to leave behind? 
Getting progressively worse with my exercise routine woops. Ever since I stopped doing ballet last Dec, regular exercise hasn’t come easily so that’s definitely something I will improve on next year. Also, I want to stop saying that "I don't have time" and rather MAKE time for things.

10. What do you want to do / achieve in 2018? 
2018 will be a big year for me with finishing my A levels and starting university. It’s all come way too quickly and whilst I am hugely excited for what is to come, I can’t help but feel a bit nervous about how fast it will all happen. As for my goals, I would like to improve my calligraphy skills (thinking of doing a calligraphy / bullet journal series on the blog so let me know if you’d want to see that). I recently ordered a bunch of books but they’re more educational than non-fiction and I’m super excited to start on them so my goal is to read for 10 mins every night before bed. I’m immensely thankful for all the support I’ve received over on my Instagram this year and fingers crossed we can get 4k by the end of next year ^_^ to be honest, all I really want to do is to keep exploring the amazing world around me!

Thank you to all my readers: thefootprintfiles has come a long way this year and I wish you the most amazing 2018!


// Amy's 2017 reflection video //
This post was inspired by Amy from VAGABOND YOUTH on Youtube



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