Monday Musings #28

Are you afraid of something?

I know I am. I'm afraid of lots of things, albeit to different degrees.

I fear failure, and I'm sure it's something many of us fear too. The consequences of failing to meet my own or others' expectations of me can sometimes stop me from doing things or talk myself down - or rather, the imagined consequences.

Most of the time it's just due to overthinking because time and time again I have been proved wrong by none other than myself.

The thoughts of failure can be draining and it's high time we all stopped talking down on ourselves and start recognising that we can do these things. If we never try, we will never succeed.

"you are confined only by the walls you build yourself"

Because, ultimately, although we cannot control what goes on around us, we are the only ones who can initiate change in our lives.

Sometimes there are no clear plans or visions but if you don't move, you will never move forward. Taking that first step into the unknown is often the encouragement we all need in order to accomplish our next goal in life.

So I say grab onto that steering wheel with both hands and drive straight down that road you were always afraid to take!


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