Southbank Winter Market

With only one more sleep 'til Christmas I thought it'd be appropriate to talk about my latest adventure to Southbank Winter market!

Situated on London's Southbank, it is a easy walking distance from Embankment and Waterloo stations. My friend, Francesca, and I decided to get off at Embankment so we could enjoy a nice walk along the Golden Jubilee bridge.

Even as we were making our way over the bridge, we could already see the little huts that house all the stalls in the market.

Make sure you explore left and right of the bridge because we almost forgot to go to the stalls right underneath it!

There's an array of things on sale from the usual candles to luxurious shawls from Little Tibet and light decorations to jewelry
// these lightbulbs would be a great present for any home decor enthusiast! //

// fran being the perfect model as per usual ;) //
As always, along the bank were several street performers (like in the pic below) helping the crowd to while the time away.

Before long, the sun was setting over the iconic landmarks of Parliament and Big Ben (which undergoing maintenance work over the next 4 years) so of course we had to make the most of the opportunity and take a few snaps!

// you can just about make out Big Ben in this pic //

Then we headed back to the stalls to grab a little something to eat and decided on the Dutch Waffle store which sells 12 at £4.50. The fluffy waffles were so filling and warm with milk chocolate drizzled on top :)
// yumm //

// merry-go-round for the kids (and big kids) out there //

It's open until the 4th Jan and there are lots of other things that are part of Southbank Wintertime (including a Finnish Sauna open until 11th Feb) so be sure to check it out for a festive day out with friends and family!



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