Music for Long Journeys

Other than a having a good book to read, listening to music is another way I love to relax on long journeys.

Here are my current favourite songs and artists – hopefully you’ll find something for your upcoming travels!

// drive //

Oh Wonder – Anthony and Josephine are a British duo and ever since I stumbled across one of their songs, I’ve been obsessed with them! Their style is quite chill and raw since they sing in unison. Both their albums, Oh Wonder and Ultralife, are full of emotion and energy. My favourites include Without You, High on Humans and Drive.

// wanna know love //

Jasmine Thompson – She started off on Youtube and is now hugely successful. I think it’s her husky voice that makes her music so unique. My favourite songs from her newest album Wonderland are Someone’s Somebody and Wanna Know Love.

// papaoutai //

Stromae – though his music is in French, a lot his songs have a poignant meaning: Papaoutai which is about a boy with an absent father, not dissimilar to his own childhood and Quand C’est which is about cancer. Give him a listen – you may find yourself hooked!

// the milky way //

Sungha Jung – when I’m on a train journey or something, sometimes I feel more like listening to a bit of instrumental music more than anything else and recently I’ve been loving Sungha Jung’s compositions. He is a fingerstyle guitarist and he also started out doing covers on Youtube. My favourites are The Milky Way and Mellow Breeze.

// night //

Einaudi – along the same theme, Italian composer Einaudi’s pieces are really good for relaxing in general. His more famous pieces like Le Onde (The Waves) and I Giorni (The Days) are beautiful but his latest album, Elements, is just as charming with Night being my favourite. As he draws on a more minimalist approach, his music is very soothing.

What sort of music do you like listening to for long journeys?


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