Monday Musings #26

Happy Monday!

Feeling a little chipper today because it's the mid-weekend!! We have two days off school and this is why I love this time of the year - for all the random days off (and Christmas of course). I have some fun things planned for the next two days so look out for those on my Instagram stories and posts on here over the next weeks.

One major thing I am planning to do is rest. And proper resting - waking up later, doing things that I wouldn't usually have time to.

In our everyday lives we rarely pause in between our busy activities; we are so preoccupied with hurrying from here to there that we forget to stop and rest. I know I'm so guilty of this and get impatient when people do not have the same sense of urgency that I do.

Resting and recharging is something we all recognise is necessary but forget often as we're switched on 24/7. Society tends to keep us on our feet and tells that stopping to rest is a sign of weakness when it's completely not.

It's purely a sign of us knowing our needs and listening to our bodies when its telling us to take a break.

Here's a quote that sums it up really well:

"a field that has rested gives beautiful crop"

I hope you all find a moment to slow down and look after yourselves - especially in the hectic Christmas season that is fast approaching!


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