Exploring Richmond Park

Richmond Park has quickly become one of my favourite places for a wander. If you live in London or are visiting sometime, be sure to pop over to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life.

// pen ponds//

My friend and I took the 371 bus from Richmond Station, arrived at Cambrian Gate at 9:30am and started to walk, walk and walk some more. We didn't have any route in mind that we wanted to take but we did have one mission in mind - to see the deer!

Richmond Park is famous for the herd of deer that have called it home since the 17th Century when the park was created. However, when the bi-annual cull takes place each November and February, the park is closed at night to the public so check the website for more information if you're planning to go during that time period.

Keep scrolling to see more photos and to discover my tips for visiting the park!

  • Be sure to go 'off the beaten path' and make full use of the 'unofficial' paths because sometimes these lead to the most beautiful hidden places

// a misty scene that's featured on my instagram //

  • Similar to the previous tip, exploring and lose yourself in the woodlands - although when we were there, one of the woodlands was closed off as they were doing some maintenance on the plants so look out for signs!  

  • The two photos above were taken at the Isabella plantation in the south-west of the park. It's a little like a maze but the way the light played in between the trees was magical! 
  • As it was already Autumn when I went, much of the flowers had stopped blooming already so go in Spring if you'd like to see the flowers in bloom.

// mission accomplished! //
  • It was on the way to Isabella Plantation that I suddenly noticed the herd of deer to the right of the path. They were so well camouflaged that it would be so easy to miss them so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for them as they could be anywhere!
  • That being said, be careful and don't go up too close as they might get scared and charge.

  • Head over in the morning to catch the morning sunlight (which is gorgeous by the way) and morning walks are the best way to get refreshed for the day ahead! This meant a slight trek for me from where I live but it was well worth it :)

  • My general advice is just to have a wander and take it all in because it is nature at its finest!

Happy exploring,


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