Monday Musings #25

Just something I’ve thought about recently…

Friends are so important and I realise how significant they are more and more the older I get – and yes, I know I’m not that old but that’s not the point.

One question that got me thinking was: how many close friends do I have? Not just acquaintances but actual close and personal friendships?  

I heard somewhere that we are the sum of the 5 people closest to us. The way that it impacts us is so huge that it made me re-evaluate who the closest people are in my life (excluding family).

Friends build you up and encourage you. They shape who you are and you shape who they are. They support your decisions even when they may not fully agree but also help steer you from ones that may hurt you.

There is no doubt that these people we call ‘friends’ have an enormous influence on our lives so it can be argued that we need to choose who we associate with wisely.

Which leads me onto my next question: do we choose our friends?

I discussed this with one of my friends a little while back and I came to the conclusion that though our circumstances dictate who we meet, we can decide for ourselves who we choose really get to know. People can bring us down sometimes and this is when we need to know when to let go of them – yet again highlighting the importance of having friends that lift you up.

Of course things can still go wrong within a friendship and this is when communication is key. We should be able to have those open and honest conversations in order to bring back that trust between you.

I really believe that friendships are another level of relationship. They can potentially be longer and deeper than romantic ones so investing time and effort is crucial in maintaining them.

They say quality > quantity and I really think this is so relevant in terms of friendships. This doesn't mean I shut people off that I’m not 100% close with but I learn to appreciate the people who are there for me every day and every step of the way.


Enjoy these photos of some of my friends and I – if you’re reading this, just know that I am so thankful for each one of you! <3



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