Monday Musings #27

When you look at the world around you, so much of it is digitalised meaning that we retrieve information from the invisible clouds above that hold so much data (a lot of which is about us - scary stuff I know).

In this online era, because we are constantly surrounded by images that reflect another reality, we become totally absorbed into this alternate universe that somehow dictates how we live our lives in this world here and now. 

It’s fascinating how a small screen can influence our everyday decisions and I, for one, am totally guilty of spending too much time online. Sometimes I catch myself reaching for my phone in certain situations and remember that I should be focused on being in the moment than catching up on my ig feed, you know? 

Despite this, seeing images of people with seemingly perfect lives can take a toll on your self-esteem and, for me, even demotivating at times. 

Sometimes, taking a step back will help us to get a fuller perspective on the impact the internet has on our lives and society around us.


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