Exploring Shoreditch and Brick Lane, London

I've never been to Shoreditch before yesterday and I must say, I've been missing out!

My friend, Phoebe (if you're reading this, you're welcome), and I met up at Euston and had a browse in the shops for sunglasses now that the sun is finally out! 

Initially, we were gonna go to the The Photographer's Gallery but then it was noon by then(after which it isn't free anymore for under 18's but the sign still said it was and it was all a little confusing but anyhoo). Instead, we just had a look round the shop they had downstairs and nabbed a few freebies­čśü. Check out the link above if you want to visit coz I'm sure it's a cool place in any case.

(Tottenham Court Road station has some cool artwork! Phoebe happily obliged to be in this photo haha)

Then we took the Central Line to Liverpool Street walked up to Old Spitalfields Market. It's so cute and the vendors sell such cool things! I'd say that it's sort of like an upmarket Camden. 

This pic is on my ig @thefootprintfiles

We then came across Crosstown Doughnuts and had to grab one! They are at several locations across London which is pretty cool so check out the link above! 

This Raspberry Jam doughnut for £3 was a treat!... until it exploded all over my leg when I bit into it­čśéluckily a kind passerby gave us a tissue and my friend willingly (!) wiped up the mess I created. Ngl, I should've known something was going to happen haha! Nevertheless we enjoyed it!

After that,  we made our way to Brick Lane and wow! The street art is amazing! Also, all the people in that area are so urban omd, talk about being fashionable!

I even got a little feature on the guy who runs the place's instagram hehe^^ follow @notbanksyforum for some cool stuff;)

 See what I mean by urban people??
Boxpark Shoreditch was right around the corner so we had the opportunity to taste the infamous @softservesociety 's ice cream! We shared a "Where's my Honey?" And wow just no words. The honeycomb included was heavenly and what more could a honey fanatic like me want? 

Mini haul of the day:

Topshop sunglasses: £7.99
 Some tips and tricks for instant photos from the Photographer's Gallery 
Absolute Vintage: kimono £3 !!!!! (http://www.absolutevintage.co.uk)

Also, I forgot to mention that I brought my dad's SLR camera along too. It was so cool to shoot in film as I'd never done it before. I had to be careful to compose my shots thoroughly though... I shall update you on how they come out once I get them developed!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and don't forget to visit me on my social media, well instagram anyway;) x


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