Monday Musings #23

Do you ever feel demotivated at times?

Lately, I’ve just been discontented as to where I am now (something I touched on in Monday Musings #21). I know it’s bad but I can’t help but be dismayed at how many steps need to be taken before I reach my goal.

“ Do what you have to so you can do what you want to” *

This quote resonates with me right now as it reminds me that we just have to keep on going sometimes – however painful or boring it may be.

Keep that end goal in mind and in sight.

Something that also encourages me to keep going is to create things that you can look forward to, be it an event or just a simple catch-up with a friend.

Once you break down the steps, life doesn’t seem so big and scary anymore. Every new day is a new chance so grab hold of any opportunities that come your way.


*I included this quote in my bullet journal spread for this week as a daily reminder to persevere- I've also been experimenting with different layouts for my journal so keep a look out on my ig story on Mondays! Stay tuned for a post on all my journals J


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