5 Secrets of an organised person

Apparently, I’m known for being organised so here are some tips and ideas that you can implement to lessen that chaos in your life!

To do lists

If you’re anything like me, visual reminders of things I have to do are so useful and can make lists on your phone (this is where I like to jot things down as soon as I think of something to prevent me from forgetting about it later) or notebook.

Recently I have been using an extremely simplified bullet journal set up which is basically just a to-do list but I will update you all on that in the near future.


Kind of similar to the point above but make sure you’re not prioritising things are obviously not as important as something else.

Making sure that important / more boring jobs are done first means that you can get on with and enjoy your other tasks!

Have a clean workspace

This is definitely something that I struggle with, sometimes I have my good days and then at other times it just descends into a huge mess!

Remember that an uncluttered space = uncluttered mind.

Have a clear mind

If you have a load of thoughts going round in your head, it is best to get it out rather than bottling it up.

My favourite way is to journal in order to physically see my thoughts and to be able to organise or make sense of them.

Planning, planning, planning

Having a loose schedule of my week / day is really helpful so I know exactly what is happening in my life – although, planning too much can defeat the purpose of it so be careful with that.

Planning details of days out in advance can be very useful, especially if you are going somewhere you haven’t been before. But if you want to live that spontaneous life, do it!

I will be planning my next trip with my friends so stay tuned for tips on holiday planning.


Of course, I haven’t got this perfect but we can all try our best right? ^_^


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