Monday Musings #22

Happy Monday!

As it’s half term now, a tonne of work is sitting right across from me on my desk and I’m here thinking “how the hell am I going to get this all done?”

I’m one of those people that get distracted just like that (funny I say this because I’m supposed to be getting a move on with my art but here I am writing up another post – lol) and if you’ve read my post on personality types, mine is so that things I enjoy doing are higher in my priorities than things that actually need to get done.

So here comes the big bad word. Procrastination.

Sometimes a whole day can go past without having done anything productive because I’ve been on my phone or just wishing time away. Thinking about it, I probably need to do an internet, or at least a phone, detox soon.

For some reason, putting pen to paper to start an essay is seemingly impossible to me – that is until my panic monster wakes up. 

If you’re procrastinating watch this TedTalk ‘Inside the mind of a master procrastinator’ by Tim Urban to see what I’m talking about to make slightly better use of your time.

"An easy and fun place which I call the dark playground" - Tim Urban

Although I still really need to work on this, here are some tips that will hopefully help you beat that procrastination monkey!

  • Switch off your phone or put it on flight mode if you must listen to music
  • Make sure the music isn’t something you will get up and start jamming to (I like to listen to 
  • instrumental music)
  • If you’re like me and get peckish from time to time, preempt this and bring, for eg, a bowl of a selection of your favourite snacks to choose from
  • Only download games that require wifi (can’t bring myself to do this one yet :’( ) so that you are out to work you cannot play them
  • If you really can’t get to work, instead of turning to YouTube or scrolling through Instagram, have a 10 min nap that will give you that much-needed boost!

Hopefully after this I will actually start my work and you will too!


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