Monday Musings #35

In the light of my previous Musings on vulnerability I decided to do the ‘Perfect Imperfections’ tag I’d seen going round recently.

This is a chance to think about how we can make ourselves feel confident despite our ‘imperfections’ and it’s always good to remind ourselves that we are so worthy of love even if we don’t feel it – so here goes!

  • Height – if you ever meet me, my height might be the first thing you notice. The last time I measured myself, I was 154cm and I probably haven’t grown any more to be honest. People joke about growing taller and all that, but I actually couldn’t care less anymore. Being small has so many benefits – for example being able to weave in and out of crowds quickly or being at a good height for hugs haha!
  • Feet – at around UK size 3, my feet are pretty small. And flat. Even now I still don’t really wear sandals because I don’t like how they look. More often than not, you’ll find me in my beloved boots all year round (even in the hottest weather). I am still learning to embrace my feet but we are allowed to have things we still are not comfortable with!
  • Hair – thanks to my dad, my hair is naturally brown and I love that, in the right sunlight, golden streaks appear! I get asked if I’ve dyed my hair and I answer with a happy nope! Speaking of which, I need to get a haircut soon hehe
  • Calves – after having done ballet for over 10 years, I am very proud of my ‘90o calves’ LOL. Also, wearing a leotard for dance made me so comfortable with my body so I’m thankful for that :)
Personality trait I dislike
  • One thing I can’t tolerate is lateness of me or other people. My impatience also means that I want things done right now which obviously isn’t always possible. Learning to be spontaneous and a bit freer with my time is still a work in progress.
Personality trait I like

  • Seeing the people I love happy makes me happy and according to my friends I am good at caring for others. Being a fairly introspective person, I live inside my own head a lot and while this can sometimes trip me up it’s a largely an advantage that I think through situations carefully and am able to relate to people.

    I invite anyone who would like to do this to do it!


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