Portobello Road

Yesterday, I went and checked out Portobello Road market and the road is surprisingly long (granted that we'd been walking around for a long time before that)! It wasn't very busy, but if you are looking to visit, be prepared to be surrounded by alot of people;)

The whole street was full with colourful houses that were reminiscent of the island of Burano  (off Venice) or even Balamory (which used to be one of my favourite childhood TV shows).

All the bright colours just made me feel so happy and summery!

The vibrant colours really reflected the mood of the place.

We came across a really cool sunglasses shop...

...and hat shop:)

This particular shop was the entrance to a small alley and I think the warm lighting adds to the ambience of the shot.

Unfortunately, I did not have my usual camera with me because I didn't anticipate needing it, but this little escapade taught me that whenever I go out, I should always have my camera handy!

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