Mayfield Lavender Field


So last Saturday,  my friends and I went to the Mayfield Lavender farm. For me, it was one heck of a trek (see what I did there? haha) to get down there and although the day started off with a heavy downpour, the rest of the day was lovely and it was well worth the visit.

I think this makes for quite a dramatic photo since it incorporates movement into the 2D stillness of the resulting shot.

Experimenting with my sunglasses,  you can decide how well it turned out...

Make sure to check this place out especially in July/early August as the lavender will be in full bloom- also a great place to get some pretty photos!

Thanks to my friends Hayz and Nat for always being amazing and modelling for my photos

I hope you have a lovely week and thanks for stopping over! xx

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