The Shard, Aquashard, London

Last Saturday, I had the experience of going to the Shard. I figured that going and having a meal there would be more worth the money than just going there for the view. Since I went, I might as well give a review on it; so here goes:

The restaurant that I went to is called the Aquashard and is situated on the 31st floor (the lift takes you to the 32nd so you have to walk down a set of stairs). The waitress said that the tables at the windows seat two people- so if you want a window seat, go in a pair;)

The set price per head for three courses is £48. Knowing what expensive restaurants are like, I assumed that the portions would be titchy tiny sized but I was pleasantly surprised with the size of my main course which was Roast Pork Loin with a massive Yorkshire pudding. Quite honestly, I'd never seen anything like it!

One quirky thing about this restaurant is that, true to its name, the toilets are covered in blue tinted mirrors. Literally, if someone had not come out of the toilet when I walked in, I would have never known where the toilets were, such was the multitude of mirrors that covered the walls.

Here's a couple of photos from my visit!
Blue Lobster with egg benedict on a french muffin

 Pork Loin with Yorkshire pudding and parsnip chips 

Chocolate Mousse with blood orange sorbet, biscuit crumbs and chocolate shavings

I quite like this photo because it captures intimate conversations of the subjects and the bright light from the outside renders the people into silhouettes which I think is the real charm of the photo.

The view was particularly nice that day since the sun was out but then by the time I left, the clouds had come out so be careful not to expect an amazing view 24/7.

Overall, the food was very nice and I would totally recommend this restaurant for a special meal out!

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