Japan photo-diary 2015 pt. 1

Japan 2015

This was taken in the gardens of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Although I was expecting more of a flower garden, the quaint little paths and landscaping far exceeded my expectations!

I wonder who he was talking to?

The different blues in this photo really pulls it all together à mon avis.

This photo was taken whilst visiting a spot where Mt Fuji can be seen. However this quirky seat caught the larger percentage of my attention and it resulted in my favourite photo of the trip!

This captured a very intimate act and I thought that the tight framing complemented the moment perfectly.

Even I'm jealous of the dogs!-we were wandering down the old shopping district of Kyoto when I was alerted to the presence of some very special shoppers. Little did I know, the owners were actually looking straight into my camera!Perfect timing or what!?

These photos were the result of a spontaneous trip to Northern Kyoto where the river/stream runs down the length of the mountain. Further up the stream there is an abundance of little restaurants perched across the bank of the river. It was a funny sight to see! We ended up eating at a small eatery where you had to 'catch' your lunch (which was small bundles of noodles) I highly recommend a visit for an afternoon of fun! Read more: http://www.kyotoafterdark.com/2011/fishing-for-noodles-in-kibune/

-'Tis all for now!

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