Exploring Bath

As you wander through the streets of Bath soak in the feeling of nostalgia and grandeur of the Georgian architecture ~ I never fail to marvel at the honey-coloured buildings and the rich history of this gorgeous city.

If you haven't been to Bath yet, you're missing out! But never fear, keep scrolling and I'll show you what I was up to when I visited last month...

Our first stop was Royal Victoria Park where we stumbled upon this little house tucked behind the trees - seriously felt like we'd stepped into a fairytale!

The Circus

Here we stopped at the classic Royal Crescent and Circus where we spent a fair amount of time admiring each and every door and phographing it from every angle possible.

It's never hard to discover cute streets and shops when you're in a city like Bath!

A Bath #strideby for you 

Bath Abbey looking splendid as usual.

And to round off our visit we stopped off at Pulteney Bridge (another Bath classic).

There's so much more to see of Bath, such as Alexandra Park, but I will definitely be returning to explore more of this pretty city! In the meantime, head over to my Instagram to follow my adventures as I'll be going to some exciting places soon - hint: lots of sun and beaches!


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