London Diary: Trafalgar's Square, The Mall

Well hello!

It's been a long long time since I last posted but good news! My exams are over so now I have time to go out and about to snap some cool shots!

So today, my friend and I met up in central London intending to walk around to get as many touristy photos as we could. We walked from Leicester Square to Trafalgar Square where there were a lot of people sitting around the fountain.

This was the most 'touristic'photo I could muster with the iconic red bus in the foreground.

Then we walked down The Mall, which is surprisingly long! We stumbled upon this cute scene which, of course, I couldnt resist taking a photo of.

After seeing Buckingham Palace, we decided that we wanted some artsy photos which resulted in this pic above. I actually really like it because it provides a rather different perspective of London than the ones you typically see- if I may say so myself :) 

Afterwards, we walked around aimlessly for a bit before it started POURING at about 15:00. Since it is Pride weekend this week, some 'green men' at particular pedestrian crossings around Trafalgsr Square have been changed to represent LGBT which I thought was a pretty cool idea. **update: it seems like these LGBT green men are here to stay so make sure to check them out!** As you can sort of see in the photo, it was proper chucking it down with rain!! My shoes got soaked all the way through :/

Then, after a trip to Primark and Chinatown to pick up a bubble tea, we made our separate ways home. It was a cute day, despite all the rain.

Thanks for popping by!

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