Japan photo-diary 2015 pt. 2

Hey hey!
So I'm in the middle of exams right now but I thought I'd update this blog before I go off to sit my Physics exam! >_<
The following photos are all from my Japan 2015 trip which also features in my first blog post- go check them out before continuing to read ♡♡

I feel like this is a typical tourist's shot but the architecture was actually beyond stunning!

Whilst wandering the streets of Kyoto, the shapes and silhouettes that the houses and wires created looked pretty cool so I couldn't not take a photo!

This was taken en route to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove (which was also amazing by the way). The rice paddies reminded me of how difficult it really is to grow one of my staple foods :)

This was a particularly gloomy day in Osaka, but nevertheless we explored the pretty city and came across Osaka Castle which, might I add, looked especially magnificently atmospheric in the rain.

I would certainly rent that (!!), this was taken from Tokyo International Forum  which is made entirely of glass windows. The good thing is that it is free to just walk about the building so I recommend taking the opportunity to take some wonderful photos!

The three photos above were taken in the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. The hustling and bustling nature of the market made it such a charming place to visit. I think each of these photographs tell their own stories.

-that's all from me for now xx

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